"Food is our common ground,
a universal experience"

James Beard

The Chef Kenichi Tajima and his wife Keiko have taken over the quaint Tasting Room of Tastings Social. The husband and wife duo of Mountain Bird have relocated to East Harlem and run this 31 seat French boutique spot.

The trinity of a good restaurant is FOOD, DECOR and SERVICE. The whimsy of Chef Kenichi’s food when mixed with the affordable price and authentic atmosphere makes Mountain Bird a necessary addition to the city’s landscape. It is truly a savvy neighborhood find.

Mountain Bird gets its name because the menu is all things fowl and poultry related and served in ingenious ways; such as the renowned Head-to-Toe tasting plate, Turkey Burger stuffed with Mornay Sauce, Crispy Chicken Skin Duo coupled with a nice selection of Wines or Cocktails and Viennese Style Cakes for dessert.

Tastings Social presents Mountain Bird is located in East Harlem at 251 East 110th Street (between Second & Third Avenue).


Tuesday to Sunday 6:00pm to 10pm,
Saturday and Sunday Brunch Service 12:00pm to 3:00pm
212.744.4422 press 1

Kenichi Tajima

Executive Chef


“Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, Harlem’s Mountain Bird was forced to close in June 2014 because of landlord issues. (What else?) Fortunately, the small restaurant, operated by husband-and-wife team Keiko and Kenichi Tajima, has returned in a new space, at East Harlem’s Tastings Social. The fowl-centric, French-meets-Japanese-meets-American menu includes dishes like gizzard confit, a turkey burger topped with foie gras and a truffled mornay sauce, chicken schnitzel, and an extra-rich shrimp mac-n-cheese with lobster-bisque cream sauce.”

“Indulge in comfort food like the chicken duo with roasted breast and leg confit at poultry-centric restaurant Tastings Social Presents Mountain Bird.”