Tastings’ mission is to cultivate special relationships, creating experiences to suit distinct needs and personality while providing hospitality, gracious service and exceptional food in a lovely setting.

Tastings NYC curates a bespoke experience and works within your budget no matter what occasion, style and number of guests.

Our dedicated multicultural tastemakers, culinary and service team translate their passion for food, wine, cocktails and entertaining to turn your vision into reality, while respecting your budget.

TASTEMAKERS: Meet the Tastings NYC team

Alexandra Morris


Franck Clodung

Director of Operations & Catering

Laura Enrique

Catering & Sales Manager

Kristine Sanabria

Catering Sales & Marketing Manager

Kenwyn Millington

Brand Ambassador & Service Director


Farid Lutfi

Tastings SoFlo Team

Giovanna Lutfi

Tastings SoFlo Team


Cédric Durand

Executive Chef

Jeremy Enriquez


Benjamin de Kruif

Sous Chef

Adilson Soares

Creative Culinary Chef



Tastings creates an authentic experience for our clients. We cherish the relationships that we have built over the years and continue to evolve with them. Our signature cocktail dinner service called Tastings Dinatoire is a hand-passed roaming dinner unique to Tastings. Your guests will sample a variety of tastings, but also have the ability to mingle and socialize with ease with every detail expertly executed by our service team. We offer our Chefless Collection to assist with your entertaining needs. You can select the menu items that you would like to offer your guests and we will deliver them to your locale. It’s a cost effective and hassle free way to entertain your guests.


Helmed by Alexandra Morris and highlighting the cuisine of Executive Chef, Cédric Durand our team at Tastings vows to closely collaborate with you to blend our ideas to create an authentic experience for you and your guests.

“Tastings began little by little as we composed events for Payard clients and built a following of people who appreciated our cuisine, personal attention and quality of service,” says Alexandra. “What I love about what I do is that each gathering is a fresh palette to create something that is distinct and memorable for clients who have become a part of my life. They continue to inspire me every day and to evolve with me and my team creating moments.”

Tastings since it’s inception has evolved into a premier specialist in the art of entertaining within the hospitality industry. We specialize in fine dining, food beverage and service to fit the style of your entertaining needs. Together with a modern twist on French-American and re-invented Classic cuisines of the world, the world- class pastry team, and an exceptionally professional, warm and accommodating service team, she offers clients uniquely crafted experiences since Tastings inception in 2001.


ALEX: “What sets us apart is of course our service: multicultural trained staff, always ready to satisfy clients. Tastings’ clients even have their favorite servers! The quality of the food we offer is also an asset; seasonal products, inspiration following trends, always chic and classy with different style of cuisine thanks to the multicultural team of cooks. Tastings’ Team is always looking for the best to surprise clients with new food ideas, new ways of presentation, new tableware and flatware. Finally, Tastings Team is always caring to create and keep real relationship with its clients.
I love the multiculturalism of the Team as well as the family spirit of the team; we are all working, interacting together and helping each other, which is really pleasant and motivating. Satisfying our clients and making them happy and creating an unforgettable experience. My outside perspective before joining the team was that Tastings has a real diversity of clients, which is quite interesting and pleases each member of our team according to their area of interest. Tastings is professional and modern in presentation and thought”.

DEBRA: “Tastings is a catering and events service offering its clients unique gastronomic experiences. These experiences reflect the different cultural backgrounds of its team. The understanding and the attention given to each of client and to each detail from the food prepared by the chefs to the exquisite napkin folding. We have a motivated kitchen team whose goal is to come up with creative ideas and an equally motivated office team willing to exceed the clients’ expectations. We follow up on the new gastronomic trends and reflect them in our food. I believe that our company’s culture and values differentiate us by maintaining a classy and elegant image.
The organic culture we have in our office allows us to express our ideas. My outside perspective and what motivated me to work for Tastings was the family environment in the company. From what I heard and I saw on Tastings’ website made me realize that I can be a good fit to their team by combining my personality and culture to their “savoir faire”.

ROBERT: “What sets us apart is our relentless attention to detail, and pursuit of perfection, both with food AND service. Tastings has the culmination of great people, an excellent product and a seamless process, which puts us in a league of our own!”

JOHN: “At Tastings, we pride ourselves in bringing the highest levels of fine dining and service to each and every client in a way that is personal and unique to their needs. Our incredible chefs work closely with our tastemakers to create a unique cocktail and dining experience that captures the essence of the client’s needs through the canvas of their superior culinary art, while our service staff bring a polish and precision unrivaled in the industry.
Each and every event is an opportunity to create a unique experience for our clients and their guests, grounded in the strengths of our extensive experience, and flourishing with the creativity of our collaboration with each client”.
As Escoffier so wondrously put it, “In all professions without doubt, but certainly in cooking, one is a student all his life.” With every party we grow together, each event adding a leaf to the tree of knowledge that we build as a team.